TTNv3 MQTT Mosquitto and AppKey

I’m migrated from v2 to v3.
Now I follow quick start on MQTT:
It wants me to replace AppKey with my Access Key (base64).
As far as I know (and can see) there is no AppKey created when I created the application.
Tried the AppKey of my device, but that is not working.
What am I missing?

Found it, need to use tenant (@ttn) in username and MQTT api key as password

I see the App Key but not the access key in the console

Go in to the MQTT Integration …

Dear descarts, thank you for the response. I use the “the things stack” be in the MQTT integration but there is only a
1.) Public address
2.) Public TLS address
3) Username
4) password
but no acces key…

Password = Access Key

It does say key twice on that line.

Probably help to read the docs?

thanks for these importent information!
I have look for access_key with “ttn-account.” with first letters.
Only the password as access key will not work…

import time
import ttn

app_id = "foo"
access_key = "ttn-account.eiPq8mEeYRL_PNBZsOpPy-O3ABJXYWulODmQGR5PZzg"

You got that access key from v2.

But you need a Password / API key from v3 to access v3.

Read the documentation - it explains in detail how to do these things - I didn’t find the right section and copy & paste it over for my own personal pleasure.