TTOG only shows Join Accept in gateway console

I have a TTOG that was working as expected initially but recently stopped showing complete traffic in the gateway console. The gateway console does show join accepts, but nothing else after the initial join. It used to show Join Requests and Accepts and then all traffic but now there are no join requests or traffic shown. The Application Data console displays data normally.

I also have a TTN Indoor Gateway that predates the outdoor gateway and that has functioned normally continuously, i.e… it displays join requests, join accepts, and all traffic in the gateway console.

Any suggestions for how to restore the outdoor gateway to its original behavior? It has been turned on and off numerous times but nothing has been changed in the device settings.

Which gateway is sending the accepts - they cant both be doing it, you will only see one of then sending the accept I am sure, both will see the join request and the TTN backend will decide on one to send the accept

Turn off the TTIG to prove this

Both gateways are located in the same lab location and are not turned on at the same time. The TTOG was being used and the TTN Indoor gateway was not turned on when the behavior of the traffic display in the gateway console changed. I then turned off the outdoor gateway and turned on the indoor gateway to see if it also was no longer displaying traffic correctly and that’s when we found that the indoor gateway was behaving normally. We do not normally have both gateways connected to TTN at the same time.

ok, I know that there are differences with how its represented on the gareway console - there are some comments in the TTIG thread on here, regardless what the gateway consoles show, if you view each connection via the application console do you see the same connection steps?

Indoor Gateway connected (Outdoor Gateway off), four sensing nodes turned on:

Indoor Gateway Application Data and Gateway Traffic

Outdoor Gateway connected (Indoor Gateway off), four sensing nodes turned on:

Outdoor Gateway Application Data and Gateway Traffic

Application data displays similarly for indoor and outdoor gateways. Gateway traffic is different - outdoor gateway traffic shows initial join accept and nothing after.