TTOG update 1.01.13 to current does not work

I’m desperately trying to provide my TTOG gateways with the latest software. Unfortunately nothing happens. I didn’t change the file name of the new software. but after pressing update nothing happens. Anyone an idea?

Yes, start by telling the Forum volunteers & contributors what your current status & configuration is, what you have done/tried, and results if any in e.g any error messages or logs… think through what you would ask to know if you were being asked to answer such a question!!!

current status is above 1.01.13
I tried an update to WAPS-232N_LW_OPDK_GUI_1.01.27_521895521.tar.gz access via LAN, otherwise I couldn’t select the file and press update.
Device is configured for Sim. It worked all the time too. Since it was dismantled at the old location and is now due to be moved to a new one, I wanted to update it straight away. There is no error message or anything like that