TTS Application server issues on EU1


Starting around 18:00 CEST tonight I started seeing a lot of packets not reaching my application. Is there some issue with the application server in EU1?
On the status page I see that the delivered uplink messages is down by about 60% while the received uplink messages is largely the same:


When looking at the console for each end device, I see that the data is received and processed by the network server (“Receive data message” and “Successfully processed data message”) but on a lot of messages I don’t get any status messages from the application server after that.

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Marten Jacobs

Same here, messages get through infrequently

Thanks for letting me know, did it also start around the same time for you?

Yes, it started at around 17:30 for me

I’m having some issue with the console too. When I try to open the end device details page ({app}/devices/{devID}/…) it crashes completely. Not every time, but randomly the console show up and the info doesn’t seem up to date.

Could be this issues related?

While I was writing I opened the console to get the error code from the browser console. The device console doesn’t seem to crash anymore.

I’ve seen that as well. Not sure if it’s related but it’s definitely possible if the application server is acting up.

It seems that the Problem is gone now, messages are back up to 11.1/Second right now

Yes, I just saw that. Hopefully it will hold :sweat_smile:

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im trying to migrate gateway and applications to v3 - but i get serious connection issues. A (feeled) third of the messages of my gateway is droped before it is even processed.

Thats a common error - i dont know what it meas:
@type”: “”,
“namespace”: “pkg/encoding/lorawan”,
“name”: “unknown_field”,
“message_format”: "unknown {lorawan_field}",
“attributes”: {
“lorawan_field”: “MType”,