TTS CE version v3.21.1 how to claim a TTIG?

I have a brand new TTIG which I want to claim in TTNCE.
When I follow the actual available guide for claiming a TTIG gateway as published at: The Things Indoor Gateway | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN I see that this manual is not useable. In stead I see in the current console only “register gateway” and than the possibility to enter the gateway EUI. The “claim”-button is missing.

What am I missing? is there aproperiate and up to date documentation? How to claim a TTIG at this moment?

Thanks in advance.

Mildly tempted to suggest that :mag: is your friend …

But as it’s you, just register and the EUI will be identified as a TTIG - docs being updated …

Official five letter abbreviation corrected in the topic title too :wink:


Agreed, However, the info i found was dated 2021.

This post was only 14 hours ago.

It is a TTIG for a Student who cam with it at the first IoT-Class of this semester and I was affraid for him for all the troubles he could get in.

W’ll see tomorrow how it goes.

Docs almost ready.
Will be merged and available today. Update gateway onboarding docs by mjamescompton · Pull Request #914 · TheThingsIndustries/lorawan-stack-docs · GitHub
Sorry for the trouble!

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Great! thanks. I will look at it as soon as it is online.

I initially held back when I failed to initiate the claiming process as expected because I know the trouble we can get in when this process has any error.

The claiming process was self-explaining and worked fine. We now have another happy student using TTN!


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