UK/EU is there a shortage of gateway devices?

This refers mainly to EU 868 users

Hi all,

Having tried out a Lora Node last summer I then wanted to set up a gateway. I tried my usual supplier, Pi Supply and they were out of stock of their Raspberry Pi Lora Gateway HAT and suggested I “register to be emailed when back in stock”. I’m still waiting after 6 months.

I then started looking at other suppliers and have found there are practically no affordable (under 200 GBP) gateway devices in stock, and that restocking dates seem to be non-existent. I know this is a sign of Lora’s success (or poor stock control), but is anyone else having this problem?

16 TTIG uk version in stock at RS. Generally work well with good external antenna connected. £77.50.

Ah, thanks - I am using a TTIG 868 now but I want to try another type as I am having “not connected” problems with the TTIG.

Hi find mine is good so long as there is traffic constantly though it and the sessions not dropped only issue I find is with joins in no other traffic to keep open session. So I add extra traffic :grin: to keep open in till TTI fix issue with Gemtec.

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Hi Peter, if you are looking for somthing to add to a Pi for your own build whilst waiting for the PiSupply products to come back into stock (thought they had them at recent Things Conf! have you checked website/store or just waiting for the email? - and I believe Al and the team at ConnectedThings were selling PiSupply kit in the store at the show), alternates from e.g. iMST and RAK Wireless and several others look to be readily available in stock - manufacturers and disties. As alternates to TTIG (in stock at RS and elsewhere as above) then I can readily see iMST Lite GW in stock (Pi based), RAK have Micro GW, LoRa DIscovery Kits, Pilots (both again Pi based), and others in stock, Dragino and disties look to have LPS8 & LG308 (note full LoRaWAN GW’s not the naff LG01/LG02 single/dual channel packet forwarders masquarading as GW’s) in stock, several disties have Laird RG186 in stock, Several have Tektelic Kona Micro Lite GW’s (Not the more expensive Kone Micro GW) in stock, etc.

With respect I suspect you havent looked very hard :wink:

Talking of Al and the ConnectedThings Store (@eggfriedrice), as noted they were running a store for nodes, GW’s and accessories as part of the show in Amsterdam and I know they brought a lot of the un-sold stock back home so if not delayed in transit I would suggest you give them a try…

If you step up a bit on price then Farnell still carry and hold stock of the original TTN Kickstarter GW, and several disties are holding stock of e.g. the Tektelic Kona Micro and Multitech AEP GW’s…

Happy Hunting!

Hey, yup, we have good stocks of TTIG and Tektelic Micro Lite in stock in the UK! Both available with UK or Euro plugs.

We did also bring home quite a bit of PiSupply stock, but we don’t have all that online yet.

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Thanks for the feedback folks! I ended up getting a Tektelic Kona Micro Lite indoor gateway which is working really well, but i’ll be looking for an external device later this year.

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