Ultrasound Level Sensor Tekelek TEK766

Dear community, is there someone that has already connected a Tekelec TEK766 Ultrasound level sensor to the The Things Network ? I would appreciate any suggestions and hints. Kind Regards, Marco.

What issues are you experiencing?

Hi Johan, many thank you for your reply. I have recently bought a TEKELEC TEK766 Ultrasound level device and I am not able to connect to the TTN. The only information I have is the ID of the device that I used as DevEui. I do not have the AppEui and so I tried before with all zeroes and then with a random value, but in both cases it didn’t worked. I am confident that is not a signal issue because I have tried the connection very close to the gateway (less than 300 mt). I configured the Eu frequency 863/870 (SF9 for RX2) and the OTAA join method. When I press on the connection button on the device the led blink red 2 times (no connection). Kind Regards, Marco.

That means you are missing at least two pieces you really need and can’t just use random values for. You either need the DevEUI, AppEUI and AppKey programmed into the device or you need to able to program your own values into the device.

Many Thanks Jac. I will ask the supplier to provide me the keys. Kind Regards, Marco.