ULX3S FPGA board sends first message to TTN

Tnx to radiona.org member Marvin we got our first message out of ULX3S FPGA



Did you connect an sx1276 to the board, or are you doing modulation on the FPGA? In the latter case, did you reverse engineer lora and make your own implementation?

Tnx for asking. This is only SPI comunication with sx1276. So no reversing on this case.

Just a few quick news about this board.

We had very nice workshop about using FPGA you can check material here:

I have designed LoRa PMOD shield among other shields for this board here:

I already have it assembled but did not have time to test …

Konrad Beckmann designed SX1257 PMOD

And last, where I need you help is that I submitted ULX3S to hackaday prize so it would be nice if I can get your like on hackaday.io page

We are currently at the 3. place, but it would be nice to stay in top 20. in a first round to get 500$ for parts and to lower next production costs!

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Thank you all! After community voting we got second place!
Unfortunatly we did not enter top 20.
But this prize leaded to subscribe page, so this board will be availabe soon!

Original link goes to login/account creation page. Direct board page here

Tnx Jeff! I did lot of copy pasting so missed this one …