Unable to add Gateway to Community Edition

Please help, We are trying to add a gateway to the ‘community’ addition of the things network, but all i get it gateway disconnected? I’m adding the gateway, as a basic station.

If i add the gateway to the paid instance of The things industries the Gateway connects straight away. I’ve deleted the gateway and purged it from the paid instance. Added it to the community addition and the console just says ‘disconnected’. Any ideas? Thanks

Volunteers unlikely to be able help without information - screen shots/settings etc to see how configured, make/model of GW, firmware version (if applicable), server settings?

And if you get a status of any sort, that means you have succeeded, congratulations!

Forum search reveals many many ideas, mostly around the concept of “does it pass on traffic” because status is not updated in real time, as forum search reveals many many time.

So, you’ve got to ask yourself, does it pass on traffic?

side note

you can always also enable the packet broker routing policy

where you forward from your network to the community network (both up and down links, and all other messages and inormation)




give more details on the gateway (eui, id, screenshot)

No need, it’s turned on as standard - you have to turn it off.

well the way i understood @rctiot they were not aware that it can be turned off or on

maybe someone in the org turned it off and they are not aware of it so side note to turn it on