Unable to join ttn. Gateway receive the message

I have been trying to get a working connection from a end node to TTN for a couple of days without any success, The gateway i have set up is working and i can see the RX event from the node (i can also see it on the TTN gateway page) but it seems that the message gets lost there, it never reaches the application and register the device. Any ideas?

Frequencies and keys have been checked dozens of times.

Gateway screenshot: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/9244531/144599390-aa7c5e42-b564-4347-b348-9f81f5b1f63e.png

Device screenshot: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/9244531/144599401-4d6ddeed-b00c-4276-a4bc-386638b4a0fe.png

Config screenshot: image

I have also tried over 5 different libraries, all with the same result (no success on join).

Which ones have you tried - source of library, stock builds or have you changed/modified
Which hardware? Pictures show V3 registration/data - was it ever set up on V2 - which effectively was put to rest ‘a couple of days ago’!

What type of gateway is “esp-01-gate-italo” ?

Does the app key exactly match?

Good spot!

To cut to the chase, are you using a Single Channel Packet Forwarder? If so, they cause issues for both the developer (as you’ve found) and for the community and are not supported on TTN. See:

Without any details about your hardware, LoRaWAN library and software/sketch it will be difficult to provide any meaningful help.

What exactly have you tried?

Nailed it. i was trying to use a single channel fowarder to start tinkering with LoRaWAN.
This is for sure the issue, as they are not supported on TTN.

Question, all server have “banned” this type of gateway? or is there any which i could use at least while i’m waiting to receive a lora gateway?

You can run a private server, but you’ll find almost no support resources for difficulties encountered - both difficulties unique to single-channel hacks that violate the LoRaWAN spec, and also ordinary difficulties encountered in the context of such hacked up implementations.

Also, you need a LoRaWAN gateway - “LoRa Gateway” is sometimes used as an euphemism for commercial versions of precisely the sort of unwise node-pretending-to-be-a-gateway lashup that you already have. You need something with an sx1301, sx1302, sx1303 or sx1308 in it, and it needs to be for the frequency band used in your location (probably EU868)

No, there isn’t. SCPF are not LoRaWAN gateways because not LoRaWAN compliant. A LoRaWAN network server is not going to change that.

You can make use of any TTN gateway in your neighbourhood for your node, if there is any within reach. If not available you will just have to be patient until your own LoRaWAN gateway arrives.

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