Unable to (Re-)register RAK831 Gateway to V3

Hi !
I had a RAK831 based gateway in my lab which had a faulty Raspi. So I didn’t use it for >2 years.
Now I tried to revieve it with a new Raspi and the latest SW from RAK but I was not able to register the Gateway in TTN V3.
It says

  "code": 6,
  "message": "error:pkg/identityserver/store:id_taken (ID already taken, choose a different one and try again)",
  "details": [
      "@type": "type.googleapis.com/ttn.lorawan.v3.ErrorDetails",
      "namespace": "pkg/identityserver/store",
      "name": "id_taken",
      "message_format": "ID already taken, choose a different one and try again",
      "correlation_id": "34755a302f664b1ebc2bbc86f51dd452",
      "cause": {
        "namespace": "pkg/identityserver/bunstore",
        "name": "already_exists",
        "message_format": "already exists",
        "correlation_id": "324c07439de44e94bcca70126495e4c0",
        "code": 6
      "code": 6


pi@rak-gateway:~ $ sudo gateway-version
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2, OS "11 (bullseye)", 5.15.61-v7+.
RAKWireless gateway RAK2245 version 4.2.7R install from source code.

I read the EUD and is was the same It was already registered in the V2 TTN network.
Can anybody adise me how I can get the GW registered?



Read the error message out loud whilst looking at the entry form - it doesn’t say anything about EUD which I suspect you mean EUI.

Plus this comes up about once per month on the forum so searching will reveal lots and lots of answers.

THX for your message.
I got it to work now.

BTW: I searched a lot concerning this topic. It is easy to find when you already know whats wrong…

I’m not an expert on that.

What about next time just writing the hint instead blaming that I should use the search function…

Keep in mind Gateway ID is not the same as Gateway EUI, simply chosse another name for the Gateway ID and that will solve your problem.



Because if you feed a man a fish, you only feed him for a day.

We are all volunteers here, we’re not obliged to answer in any particularly way and if you’d searched for the exact error message you get two posts from Sept alone and Google shows 9 relevant entries.

That is probably because we have to supply the same answer over and over again. And that is because most users only visit the forum when they have questions, so the number of people answering questions is very small.

Can I invite you to hang around for a couple of months to share your experiences and help other new users? That would help the long term forumites to be able to focus on the more complex questions.


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