Unable to Upload Sketch to LoRa node

Hello to everyone! I bought the LoRa Development Kit, and I started to follow the first tutorial. Now I have the following problem:

  • I tried to use the Lora node GPS with Arduino UNO
  • After installing all libraries (But I don’t know about the SoftwareSerial.h which I saw on the sketch), I tried to upload the sketch from the GPS example, and I get this error: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding, then Arduino IDE tryed ten times to upload the sketch but whithout results
  • I tried to change USB port, but from that port I uploaded a sketch into the other LoRa node without GPS, so it’s not a problem of the USB port.
  • If I try to upload the Blink Example on that node I have the same problem, I cannot upload it
  • I tried also to change the USB cable, no result
  • If I remove the LoRa shield on Arduino, I can upload the sketch without any problem. So the problem is the LoRa shield with GPS module.
    If you need I can provide all the error code given from Arduino IDE.

For you it is obvious which hardware you are using, for us it is a guessing game. Please provide exact names and possible links to the manufacturer site so we know. Also provide a link to the tutorial you are referring to. There are dozens…

Sure. Thanks for answering.

The Arduino IDE would normally only produce ‘errors’ if there were problems with its installation, libraries, the code, the Arduino or its programming connection.

So yes, if you want help, you need to reveal what these ‘errors’ actually are.

Has this bit of Dargino hardware ever worked ?

I find the solution in order to upload the sketch.
Basically using this kind of LoRa GPS shield (Lora/GPS Shield - Wiki for Dragino Project), there is a note description:

Note: If you connect the GPS to the arduino by hardware serial,you need to press the “RST” button to release occupation of arduino hardware serial until the upload is complete.