Unknown gateway?

Last week during our holiday in France I discovered an unknown gateway.
Also it is not shown on the map as a gateway.
Wondering what is means:


Received by gateway:

Can you explain?

best regards, Jeroen

It means the data has been received and has been forwarded to TTNmapper (and TTN), however the owner of the gateway may not have set the gateway position or not made it public.

If you are referring to the gateway name, any gateway using the ttn-gateway-connector protocol can use (almost) any ascii string for a name. Only gateways (still) using the old Semtech protocol are required to use the EUI when the gateway is registered in the console, hence the ‘legacy’ checkbox.
Gateways running this protocol are the TTI (Kickstarter) Gateway (not the newer TTIG) and any gateway using mp_pkt_fwd (mostly RPi based ones using the balena.io setup and MultiTech gateways after using the TTN setup instructions)

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