Unregister Devices from Community Account

Hi Guys,

I’d setup an account on the things stack community edition and registered a gateway and two end devices to do some testing. I’ve since switched to a premium account and would like to unregister the devices from the community account and register them on my premium account. However I don’t appear to have admin privileges to purge the device ids from the community account. I’ve tried the cli commands to delete and purge the devices but I’ve been unsuccessful. Does anyone know how i can do this? Even an email address to a support team who could do it for me would be good I’m having trouble finding one.

try on the slack channel

there you will get help rom the tti staff

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Have tried the slack channel and have got help from a team member. They assured me that the things stack community edition and a Things stack premium account use seperate databases so there should be no issues when registering devices berween both.

I should clarify that the error message i get is
“a gateway with EUI {gateway_eui} is already registered in another tenant”
I get this error message when trying to register any of the end devices or gateway to my premium account. The engineer thinks someone may have taken the EUI your using but its surely unlikely that could happen for several devices?

I’m not sure anyone here is really in a position to contradict something the TTI staff say on anything related to TTS - maybe which is the best place for Pizza in Amsterdam (this one) - but TTS is definitely their expertise.

The first half of your conversation you did a classic misdirect on ID ≠ EUI and was answered correctly, which isn’t really for me to say, but is complete in line with what we see here.

Once it was established it was the EUI you were asked to provide details, and Krishna said he’d look in to it. You need to give him time to do that as it will no doubt shed light on the why that you are hoping for. Although with the complexity of systems these days, the why is sometimes inexplicable and of no use and it’s best to concentrate on the end result.

Plucking some random informed guessing out of my bottom, given that a TTI instance is like a TTN instance with a common database that is separated out by tenant rather than TTN which is a tenant separated out organisation (aka your user id), in the journey from TTN to TTI you may have setup a Discovery instance and put them in to that but didn’t upgrade that to TTI but started a new one.

You didn’t mention how you are trying to register on your TTI instance, if you used the HTTP/JS API which is a four part sequence that all has to work, you may have left some cruft behind when/if it glitched - rolling back via the HTTP/JS API is a learnt art.

As you didn’t have an email address for support it would imply that you didn’t pay for support, so perhaps luxuriate in the free service and cross fingers you don’t get charged. Particularly as there are three different way to migrate from TTN to TTI documented in the documentation and if you start with a Discovery instance you can upgrade that in place.

TL;DR: Drink less coffee and give Krishna time to do his pro bono work. :wink:

Hi Nick,

Listen didn’t mean to cause any offence really just trying to get to the root of my problem. Obviously I’m under time constraint so a bit pushy on my part i’ll take your point.

Trying to register the devices through the web console but we have used the 4 part API calls for registering and deregistering devices. Happy to run my problem devices through the process if you feel it could shed some light on things?

If there’s some documentation I could read that you feel is relevant could you link in this thread?

TL;DR: I will cut back on the coffee :joy:

There are a number of discussions on the forum where people tried, mostly in the early days, to use the HTTP API to register devices and came unstuck - the documentation had the notes about the sequence that must be adhered to added - but the bottom line is that if any step fails, things get messy with the end state in the different tables. So whilst I scripted stuff to try it out, I switched to creating command line and using the CLI which is atomic from our perspective. I proxy commands via a web server for any web apps that have to create things - fill in the form, post to own web server, construct cmd line, call CLI, return results. Particularly useful for mobile devices where the internet may not be 100% reliable.

To that end you may have to try the different calls to try to flush out the errant entries although Krishna can do that so much easier.

I’d also recommend keeping a copy of configuration in your own database so there’s no pressure on the API calls to the TTN/TTI servers - but if you do that, please do not use the phrase “digital twin” or I’ll have to despatch the Warcraft Ajax to bring back your body …