Upgrade from 3.9.1 - AWS Cloudformation

HI, We are running 3.9.1 via an AWS Cloudformation and would like to upgrade to the latest version which i believe is 3.15.3 in Cloudformation.

When i run the upgrade option and use the following url - https://thethingsindustries.s3.amazonaws.com/public/payg-ami-cloudformation-3.15.3.template

Part of the upgrade means i have to choose the Amazon RDS Postgres Version, according to my parameters i am currently on 11.4. The option tell me I have to stay within the current main version so my only option is 11.9.

However when i run the update i get an immediate failure to say

Cannot upgrade postgres from 11.12 to 11.9 (Service: AmazonRDS; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidParameterCombination; Request ID: 767a95b3-b32a-44a3-9330-5faf8db304b2; Proxy: null)

Any pointers… I was thinking of binning the install and moving to the AWS SAAS managed version but i have several gateways and devices that i need to retain and can’t find anyway of backing up the system :frowning:

FIXED … well kind of. i binned the original install and started from scratch


Sorry that you’re experiencing problems. It’s very unfortunate that you reported an issue on Friday after office hours, because we couldn’t help you until now (Monday morning).

Seeing that you’ve decided to redo the installation, I assume you don’t need any more help. Still, thank you for the report, we will fix the issue in the next version.