Upgrade TTN Indoor Gateway from v2 to v3


I have a TTN Indoor Gateway connected to v2. Should I just delete it in v2 and create it again in v3, to move to the new stack?

I’m not sure if there is actually something to configure in the gateway as I remember the process of installation was pretty straightforward as it was recognized by TTN v2… Would it be the same for v3?



I don’t think this is possible just yet, but it is in the pipeline.
As packets are automatically routed from v2 to v3 at the moment, you’ve got nothing (really) to gain by moving the gateway to v3 in a hurry. Any applications you have, or create in v3 will receive packets via your TTIG until an update is released.


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Please read the countless other messages on this subject.

TTIG can not be pointed to V3 yet. The UI for this will be made available later this year.

And you should never delete a gateway from V2 if the gateway isn’t physically destroyed. Deleting it from V2 means you can not return to V2 because you can nor recreate it. There is a warning to this effect that most people simply do not read/ignore and later on on the format complain about not being able to recreate the gateway. So don’t delete gateways in V2.