Upgrade TTN Uno: RN2093 firmware


I’m attempting to upgrade from Model: RN2903 Version: 0.9.5 to latest firmware following this guide: TTN Uno - RN2903 firmware upgrade

I created a new topic because that other one seems to deal mostly with Australian customizations. I’m trying to do a vanilla US firmware.

Here is where I’m at:

RN2483FirmwareUpdater\RN2483FirmwareUpdater.ino:1:0:sketch\RN2483Bootloader.h:74:4: note: initializing argument 1 of 'void Sodaq_RN2483Bootloader::initBootloader(int&)void initBootloader(Uart& stream);
exit status 1
'Uart' has not been declared

I don’t know how to fix that one.

Also, I have no idea if I’m picking the right firmware.

//#define HEXFILE_RN2903_098 I’m guessing this might be mine
//#define HEXFILE_RN2903_103 Or this one
//#define HEXFILE_RN2903_SA103 I’m guessing this is south america (I’m in Canada)
//#define HEXFILE_RN2903_AS923_105 I’m guessing this is Asia … not me

What does 098 and 103 mean? And how do I know which one is right for my particular TTN Uno?

On my Uno the chip says: “RN2903 16401MY”
On the box it shows model: TNN-003-915-1.0

Thank you,


Does anyone have tips on how to solve this? Thank you

its the same as upgrading for the rn2483… only use a different firmware file… download the latest from the MC website and search this site.
there’s a lot to find on ‘howto’… best chance is use the combination pass through and the mc java tool.

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