Uplink stopped in Application Live Data

I have an B-L072Z-LRWAN1 with the i-cube-lrwan End node code, and im sending Data to TTN first i could see my uplinks in the application end device console but it stopped after a while but im still seeing the uplinks from my end node in the gateway console.
(I tried everything i read in the other threads)

I would like to change the Payload but im confused with this code
can you maybe help me, i just want to make the payload smaller because i only need one info as a String nothing else. I hope you can help me
(sorry for my englisch)

thank you very much
best regards


Can you please format your post and place all text, code with the post formatting tool </> makes it easier for the volunteers to read your post.

  1. How far is your node from the gateway? Please search this issue, as if you master the art of searching you will get answers faster, this is common issue.

  2. Strings are not the most ideal way to work with data in db and to later display it on some type of dashboard, so are there a specific need to work with strings? A string for a latitude and a float for a latitude is essentially the same amount of characters, but it is a big difference in you code.

Use Google translate, it is pretty good at translating to English.

  1. An Integer would be also enaugh i only want to send either 1,2,3, or 5 as a int to my gateway as payload

Working with lat and long in int, your accuracy is very low.