Uplinks stoped when i reconnected the arduino uno to the power

My arduino was sending data , once i unpluged it and repluged to power i can’t receive data from it until i create a new application and new device , i am new to this field who could help me please and if there guide or a tutorial link


What is the RSSI of your node? Needs to be -65 or greater, other wise you might experience problems.

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Hello RSSI between -13 … -16

Separate your node and gateway, 10m 0r more and a brick wall in between - RSSI need to be -55 → -65 or lower.

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To solve your issue you need to switch from ABP to OTAA mode.

And please stop sending text. Wastes airtime and energy.


Thank you sir i am just a beginner, just trying with texts
but in the future i will send sensors data ,
there is some tutorials or guides that i should follow ?

Dragino LG03? Familar with faux GW’s aka single/dual channel packet forwarders such as lg01 and lg02 which are not supported here and should not be used on TTN as disruptive to the network/users…lg03?

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LG308 mabye ?

Perhaps @achraf_acheche can confirm ?

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yes i meant LG308