Ursalink UC11xx

I don’t know if Ursalink nodes should have their own category in the Hardware category, but feel free to create one and move this message.

I have an Ursalink UC1122 analogue node, and I want to connect it to TTN on AU915. It supports AU915, and that is an option I can choose when configuring it. Using the Ursalink toolbox I select LoraWAN -> Channel, then there is a drop-down list ‘Support frequency’ which contains: AU915, US915, AS923, KR920.

When I select AU915 I see a frequency plan, and by default channels 0-15 are enabled:

For TTN in AU915 can anyone suggest which channels I should enable, if not the default? I can enable any range, or any set of individual channels or ranges.

There is also a setting under “Advanced” for RX2 Channel Frequency. The default is 923.3MHz:

Can anyone suggest the correct settings here, if the defaults are not correct?

This node is currently working, but I am using it in conjunction with a Mikrotik LoRa9 gateway, which does not have the correct frequencies for TTN on AU915. The node does connect, and I do get data in my console, but it is irregular and drops out a lot.

Thank you.

Ok, sort of answering my own question.

Cross-referencing the information here: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/lorawan/frequency-plans.html

with the note at the bottom of the Channel configuration page in the Ursalink Toolbox, and a calculator, I have decided that the “Enabled Channel Index” should be “8-15, 65”.

Not sure about RX2 or the other settings in the Advanced tab though.

Hi Ame,
You are welcome to copy your questions by submitting a ticket via https://support.ursalink.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
I am sure our team will answer your questions! @ame

Hi Ivete,

Thanks for your message. I have no problems with my UC1122 device. I think the Enabled Channel Index 8-15, 65 is correct. I have not changed RX2.

At first, I didn’t configure my gateway correctly, so the frequency plan was wrong and the UC1122 could not communicate. However, I now have the correct frequency plan in my gateway and the UC1122 is communicating regularly and successfully.

I was hoping for technical users to confirm that my settings are correct, but I also wanted other users to see the settings I used.

Can anyone suggest how to turn on the digital output of the UC1122? I can create any payload for the downlink, but I don’t know if there is a specific command, or if I have to create an IF/THEN action for a custom incoming message.

For analog data the UC1122 is working well. I have a 4-20mA sensor reporting successfully to AllThingsTalk.