Use of MultiTech Conduit with cellular as a Router

Hi all,

I’m trying to setup a Conduit AP (AEP) to provide internet access to a piece of IP-only equipment, so would like to utilise the on-board router. The gateway is also running as a packet forwarder, through the AEP interface.

I’ve set (under Network Interfaces):

eth0 to LAN with the static IP of
ppp0 to WAN and PPP

Now, under DHCP:

I’ve set up a DHCP server on eth0 with gateway of, subnet of, subnet mask of and a lease between and

I’d have thought when applying these settings, allowing for the unit to reboot and then plugging my laptop directly into the LAN port of the gateway I’d be given an IP address, but I wasn’t.

There’s the option for a br0 interface, but I didn’t think I needed that.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Why are you asking this at a LoRaWAN forum? Wouldn’t the forum at be more appropriate? And provide more chance of an answer?

Because this is a great forum for all things LoRaWAN as well as TTN. Afterall, the conduit is a lora gateway.

The community has always been very open to help and is also the place where tinkerers thrive.

I’ve also asked Multitech this directly and was going to share if they beat the forum to it.

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I am referring to the Multitech forum as this is a use case that is unlike anything mentioned on the forum before (and I’ve been reading the forum for 4 years now). So I am doubtful you will get an answer here.
However as this is basically a Linux question you might get lucky.

Did you consider resetting the unit to factory default? At that point it should be running a dhcp server on the lan port. At least last time I installed one (which is some time ago)
If you do setting up the mobile connection might mess things up so no guarantees.

On factory reboot, at least for the AP, the LAN port is set as static

So these days you need to set the IP of the PC to connect to the unit to configure it? Inconvenient…

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