Use the data of ttn on an other application

Hello, I have an issue in a project, i did send data to ttn but i can’t send back these data to an application or something like that or in a graph. I can’t find a tutorial about that, all the tutorials who already exist are for the v2 of ttn and now we are on the v3 ! Thanks for your help!

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yeah same here

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The fundamentals are the same - you’ve MQTT which is pretty identical, HTTP Integration is now WebHooks, Data Storage is, erm, Data Storage. And there’s some integrations that just pipe the data straight to a dashboard.

And it’s all documented in the docs.

A heck of of a lot more detail would help.

Hello, thank you for your answer, I will detail my project so that you can better understand: the goal is to make an anti-intrusion system. For that in material at our disposal, we have an arduino mkr 1300 card as well as a magnetic sensor (closed or open) that we connect on it. To connect the card to the Lora network, we have a kerlink ifemtocell gateway. With this hardware we have succeeded with success to send the sensor information (0 or 1) on the console in TTN (we get 30 and 31 in hexadecimal). Our problem comes after that. Our goal is of course to send a notification by mail or by another means to the user to indicate an intrusion. For that we must use the information received on TTN to integrate it in an application but it is this part where we have a lot of trouble. We are new on the Lora technology and all that surrounds it. That’s why I’m asking for your help.

You’ve done the hard bit - getting setup on LoRaWAN.

You could to take an incoming message via a WebHook and send you an email - they have a template for that.

imho MyDevice/Cayenne has a possibility to send a mail under defined circumstances.

okay thank you for your answer i will try that !

Yes i already tried to use cayenne but i don’t knowwhy i couldn’t had data on cayenne maybe i didn’t used the right integration.

Sorry I made a mistake. Cayenne doesn’t support TTN V3 afaik.

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Looks like you are sending payload as ASCII Characters (8 bits) ? Very inefficient - you are deaing with a single bit change - would therefore suggest you change coding to toggle a single (but the way LoRaWAN is encoded means you may not see much change to message length but as you expand application this can become important). If keeping application limited then send a zero payload but on different FPort (not Port Zero as reserved) is another option - you only need to detect port to determine what was message :slight_smile: (In simple terms).

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Hi mael_co,

I’ve struggled a long time to find an integration that could send me a message based on lora-data. They are difficult to find and need a lot of studying.

The only thing I wanted was a message, so finally I’ve made my own python-script, based on"The Paho MQTT Python Client-Beginners Guide".

With python you can easily send an email through f.i. google, and further I used “pushbullet” to get a notification on my phone. The downside is that you need a linux-machine that is available.

My point is: If you do not need an integration but just want to be notified: keep it simple.

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