Use the HTTP Integration with openSenseMap

I’m trying to send data from my sensors to the TTN server and then forwarding them to openSenseMap.

Is it possible to get the data directly on openSenseMap from the TTN server over the HTTP Integration? Or should I convert the HTTP request with the help of some tools like AWS Lambda?

this link should hep you… shows how to push TTN data to opensensemap

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Thank you very much !

Reading the ttn-osem-integration README I thought one had to deploy that microservice on one’s own server. But: no, it’s actually already available for anyone:

openSenseMap TTN

One could also use MQTT directly, without the HTTP Integration:

openSenseMap MQTT

The above screenshot seems to be missing inputs for the username and password, but those need to be encoded into the connection options; see also the TTN MQTT documentation for the required details.



Does this work with TTNv3?
I tried with info presented above, but the webhook has an error :
“body”: “{“code”:422,“msg”:“Error: Array for sensorID ‘bytes’ has an illegal length”}”,
“status_code”: 422,

The request sent contains :slight_smile: “decoded_payload”: {
“6272e883c18b98001cXXXXXX”: 3,
“6272e883c18b98001cXXXXXX”: 8.7,
“PM10”: 87,
“PM25”: 30,
“bytes”: [

@oberour Yes, I’m using TTNv3 with OpenSenseMap, but with the Cayenne LLP decoding profile, as I could not make it work with the JSON decoding profile.

Thanks for your answer. On my side I use TTGO V.16 + SDS011 + Paxcounter.
I managed in having JSON sent, but not understood by opensense.
I tried to switch to LPP, but it is not decoded by TTN.
Could you please give details on the HW + SW you used?