UserAgent header changes values and sometimes is multiple?

Coming back to a problem from earlier today - I thought there was a problem with webhooks, but it turned out to be a problem with my hosting provider. However, I have discovered that there is also something I don’t understand going on. I use header fields to decide which infrastructure has sent the packet, and thus how I should handle it (I have some KPN LoRa stuff too). When I first started using TTNV3 I was seeing a UserAgent header with the contant ‘ttn-lw-application-server/v3.13.2-SNAPSHOT-f10ad168f’ - so I used the first part as the key. Today , after the problems TTNV3 seems to send 2 Headers for UserAgent, one with ‘’ and another with ‘’ as content. What is the cause of this ? and can I expect any other changes ? perhaps there is a better way to detect ?

Sorry - forgot the headers. The UserAgent headers I am receiving are:


Update to TTS CE this morning:

  • All HTTP requests made by The Things Stack now contain a User-Agent header in the form of TheThingsStack/{version}.

Plus other things.

The only universal constant is change.

Perhaps not make a no-match less catastrophic, I suspect this change will be permanent (for a while) but you can add your own header to the webhook and detect your special string.

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HaHa - very true !

Yes - I suppose adding my own header is a good way to do it. Thanks for your help.

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Indeed, we don’t guarantee the User Agent header to stay the same. Best is to add a header or a path or query parameter.

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