Using Grafana Hosted with TTN

I found that Grafana does hosting themselves using Grafana Hosted. In all my testing, I have been hosting and using Node-RED, InfluxDB and Grafana on my own hardware and network which has worked successfully.

My current credentials I have entered are as follows


  • Node-RED URL:
  • InfluxDB out node Host:
  • InfluxDB out node Port: 8086


  • HTTP URL: http://localhost:8086
  • HTTP Access: Server (default)
  • InfluxDB Details Database: ttndb

If I use Grafana Hosted, what must I do to make it work and do I still need to host Node-RED and InfluxDB on my end with my hardware?

More or less, what solutions are out there which make it possible such that I do not need to host anything on my end and it is done by other entity? That is my end goal at this point. I know I can get online hosting which will do the job, but looking to see if there is anything else.

My current Grafana Hosted URL is .

It has been a while since your post. I am wordering if you have got anywhere with this. I really like using Grafana and I also host my IoT stack on a VPS, but I would also prefer something like Grafana Cloud.
I am still not able to work out checking the Grafana Cloud documentation if what you are saying is possible. That would be a great solution for me too.
Lorawan Sensor > TTN > Grafana cloud.

I have just received a reply from Grafana stating the following:

Currently we don’t have a plugin that would enable you to connect your data from TTN directly to your Grafana Cloud instance. Someone would need to write a Grafana data source plugin to read data directly from TTN.

You could also write a program to read data from TTN and expose it in the correct format for the SimpleJSON data source.

If you those alternatives are not something you can use, then you will need to import your data to a data source that is supported by Grafana (like InfluxDB) and then connect it to Grafana.’

Sadly I don’t have any coding skills, so I am not able to do any of the suggestions above, but if someone from the community is interested/willing to do it, I think that would be of benefit

Hi Spyros,

Thanks for the reply and information. I didn’t pursue this any further, given circumstances have changed.