Using LoRa Basics Station on RPI gateway

I linked to the Slack instructions twice above.

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Just some clarification on the configuration of Basics Station.
I have no problem with your previous information.

Do I need a similar parameter in or is this downloaded via the LNS protocol?
Similarly, how do I determine cups.uri?

TTN (v2) does not support CUPS. You can use The Things Stack for that.

Hi @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2, Understand about V2 not supporting Basics Station and therefore no CUPS server. I am testing using a Things Stack (V3) instance for testing and can’t find any instructions on how to set the and cups.uri files

Here it is;

Fantastic, thanks so much

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Does anybody know that ttn LNS support China region? is there a LNS wss:// Is it possible that i use basic station and ttn in China?

Unfortunately not, we don’t support that at the moment.

feel free to try the balena based TTN Basics Station gateway following these instructions

hope this can simplify installation of the newest gateways.