Using LoraWan certified modules for AU915


Can anyone point me to a Lorawan certified module for AU915 region?

If a module has US915 certification, would it also apply for AU915? Do we need to certify for each region?

Any ballpark estimate to get a device certified that uses a nicerf module interfaced to an application mcu?

Any response would be greatly appreciated.


pycom’s LoPY which has development boards and OEM modules. I use them over in Perth.
Certification? Not sure anything has ‚Äėofficial‚Äô AU915 certification. Happy to be corrected.
Perhaps @Maj can provide a little better advice.

I use Multitech mDots. They have had AU915 support for a few years and AS923 support for at least 6 months.
The modules are FCC/IC/CE certified.

Thanks Phil and Maj. What I am getting at is to get the end device LoraWan certified for AU by using ‚Äúcertification by similarity‚ÄĚ. As then it will be easier and less money for certification.

I am assuming that the module needs region specific certification for us to be able to do so?

The LoRa Alliance has not released a certification specification for AU915 yet.

Thanks Nestor…so looks like products here go without the LoraWan certification?

I was using mDots and AU915 for the same reason, however to get and use other other LoraWan products always seemed much harder for AU915. As a result I was planning to swap to AS923 for wider use.

I would not use AS923 in Australia - not legal as they smother some telco bands. I use Heltec Cubecell and Dragino with great results - these do not have certification. I have tried quite a few other boards and have had problems with drivers not written for AU. That said I use a RAKwireless RAK7258 gateway with a full wave antenna mounted on a 14m tower. If you want a more professional equipment go for the RAKwireless products as they just work.

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