Using only one Antenna for the TTOG

The TTOG can operate with 2 Antennas (for LoRa Communication) to have up to 16 Channels.
I’m not a Telecommunication specialist, but as much as I know, it is not recommended to operate a transceiver without its antenna.
Is it still ok to operate the TTOG with only one Antenna ? or will that damage the device?

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Does your gateway have two concentrator cards fitted? And does it have two lora antenna connectors?

I’m using the TTOG, so i assume from what I’ve seen in the Teardown, that it indeed have two concentrators and two connectors.

I am running an EU unit and that has only one concentrator card and one Lora antenna connector. So I am not assuming anything…
The question is how many antenna connectors your unit has…

I have to open it and come back to you on that. I’m not sure :frowning: .

The antenna connectors are on the outside, no need to open the unit. There should be at least one for lora, one for gps and one for mobile network. If there is a fourth you probably have two concentrator cards as the fourth should be a Lora connector.

Yes, you’re right. I took a closer look at it now, and found that the second LoRa Antenna connector is not available (closed).
I found it odd though, because it’s not mentioned in the product description :frowning: . I hope than the company can offer the correspondent concentrator and connector for the product, and mention this first in the description.
Thank you for the Infos :slight_smile:

Hey, you’re right, the docs weren’t terribly clear on this.

TTOG EU and US models are both eight-channel (one antenna). There is the possibility to have an additional card installed for 16 channels, but that’s not really much use as the TTN channel plan fits fine into eight channels.

I’ve recently updated the TTOG docs on the TTN site (the pull request was merged a couple of days ago), and updated the Connected Things listing to clarify it a bit.

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