Using the Dragino LG02 dual channel forwarder on TTN

I’m confused.
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Please review the manual for Dragino LG02:

Page 21: Example 1: Configure as a LoRaWAN gateway – LoRaWAN mode.

My LG02 is connected to TTN here in the U.S.

Gateway ID



Dragino LG02 Two-channel



Frequency Plan

United States915MHz



It may well be, but that doesn’t make it compliant and in fact it will be causing problems for other devices near by because it is not providing the full 8 channels that a gateway should. Please review the Dragino website product page:
Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 13.18.44

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It may be a language issue. Is TTN a private LoRa Protocol? Otherwise, why detail the TTN registration in their manual? I’ll trust the manual and my results, particularly since I’m not in a LoRa node-dense area.

No you are confusing Private LoRa Potocol, and LoRaWAN - you can use these Single and Dual Channel packet forwarders in your own networks (private networks = not connected to e.g. TTN), with your own protocol. LoRaWAN is an open standard published and owned by the LoRaWAN Alliance (GIYF). This defines a standard for operationa and the protocol (security, MAC functionality, packet structure, etc.) to be used.

To be LoRaWAN vs LoRa a GW must support a minimum of 8 channels. These device are not nor can ever be LoRaWAN compliant and as stated connecting one into the TTN network causes disruption to other users due to the way they peturb network operation and device behaviour.

In the early days of TTN 4-5 years ago, due to the very high cost of GW’s at the time they were tolerated and allowed to be connected (>>$1000/1500 for compliant GW vs <$10 for S/DCPF’s), this help users get started with LoRa and TTN BUT as the network and use cases grew it became clear they are detrimental to a LoRaWAN networks operation and as such support has been deprecated for some time.

(Search the forum!)

‘How too’s’ for connecting these into TTN still exist on the internet but that does not mean they are supported. It took a long time for Dragino and even longer for many of their distributors, to catch on and update the marketing and support materials to call out LoRa use only not LoRaWAN, which hasn’t helped matters.

With the advent of deviced like the TTIG (and if you are a fan of Dragino), the LPS8, and similar micro gateways (aka pico GW’s) at prices from $70-140, the justification for using a none compliant device has gone away and they should not be used where possible. (I use both TTIG’s and LPS8’s to good effect along with many others - RAK, iMST, Multitech, Laird, self builds, etc.) The disruption is real and potentially significant (I speak from bitter experience after having these pop-up and disrupt my own local connectivity in a number of communities and end users I support). Just because the manual says you can does not mean to say you should! :wink:

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That’s not appreciated, not at all. Sure, your devices may be tuned for your non-compliant gateway forwarder. So, your results may be okay, but your setup may very well be affecting operations of other devices, now or in the future. Please disconnect it from TTN. Thanks!

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Maybe for now. And you may already be inconveniencing others as TTN is a community system. Someone may setup a gateway & devices and find that many data points are lost because some devices that appeared to work because your “gateway” provided coverage for them initially but then uplinks are lost.

OK, I’ve been had my ears duly boxed!!! Dragino should have theirs, too, for including TTN connect instructions in their manual.

So, I will use my LG02 as a back-haul to ThingSpeak, instead.

Thanks for your comments.

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