V2 Console broken?

I can’t imagine yesterday’s v3 update affecting the v2 Console but I don’t see any data traffic on 3 gateways anymore.
Is there something wrong with the v2 Console?

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For anyone with operational issues to report, please use the #ops channel on Slack.

I have the same problem.

Same here, 3 different gateways affected.

Not sure where to find this. Can you please post a link?

We seem to have a touch of the:

again today … over 50% of my active GW’s now showing offline - no doubt they will come back when someone kicks the server. So long as you see traffic routed to your apps the GW’s are working fine (look at the meta data for your application to see which GW’s handling messages). If not then other factors afoot and will need alternate diagnostics (check local logs etc.)

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Data is indeed visible in my v2 applications (MQTT integration) so that is not the problem. I don’t see any routing from v2 to v3 so I suspect that has to do with the April 12th update.

According to The Things Network Status, everything is fine?

How about using search on the forum? Anyway, the link.

You big tease.

But I guess they can search after that for the link I posted in the forum recently …

I see ‘definitive’ routing between v2 to v3.

By this I mean my only v3 test gateway is currently pointed to a private stack, so the bunch of v3 test devices scattered around the place can only be heard by the v2 gateways and I see data …

I’m seeing traffic in a V3 application where the only gateways around are V2. Also seeing packetbroker in the list of gateways for v3 application data.

@descartes @kersing same for me now I see data in v3 console coming from v2 gateways

Same here Jac, so looks like problem elsewhere?

Looks like the problem is solved, my GW’s are connected again in V2 Console and data traffic visible