V2 -> V3 - MQTT Integrations in Australia

Hi, I’m located in Australia. I have migrated my (OTAA) device over to V3 TTS console. I have an MQQT integration and are using the following servers

Is this correct? It appears on V3 I’m in the EU1 community. On TTN V2 console connected to meshed-handler - Australian console it worked perfectly. Now the uplink msg are very erratic.

I would wait for a week or two and give TTN time to establish the V3 server in the region. There is a local server coming and this should address the erratic behaviour your experiencing.

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@TonySmith Thanks for that. I figured as much, I’ve made a retreat back to V2 for the time being, until we get a V3 server downunder. Cheers

Join us on the Australia channel on Slack as we are discussing the cutover issues there (+) The Things Network Community | Slack

Hi Tony,

As most communities around the world will be facing the same issues it would be helpful if the discussion is summarized on the forum. That way we can avoid duplicating efforts and making the same mistakes everywhere.
Would that be possible?


Yes, to avoid the issue you raise, i plan to post to this forum and place a link in Slack.

This also means we can have a number of people outside Australia comment and provide review.

The first topic is the channel allocation in Australia, we run 64 channels with both Au915 and AS923 being allowed. Unlike US915 where downlink channels are separate from uplink, in Australia the gateway downlink channels overlapping the top three blocks of 8 channels (FSB6, 7 and 8). . The challenge is to evaluate how Au915 and AS923 can co-exist and understand the impact of one on the other. (I’ve done this professionally before looking at how different cordless phone systems can coexist ie how does DECT perform when other cordless systems are in the same vicinity and then vice-versa).

While we can look back at recent history, we need to be mindful of the evolving technology/ LoraWan standard coming in the next 12 months eg FHSS, repeater operation and also node to node transmissions within a LoraWan umbrella.

Hi Jac @kersing , are you able to create a category “Country => Australia” on this forum for some posts regarding AU915/AS923 in the V3 environment?

Hi @TonySmith yes, I can create a category. What exact name do you propose (category and subcategory names please) so I can discuss it in with my fellow moderators.

there is a “Countries” category already with a description “A topic for country-specific discussions.” there are 8 countries so far but not Australia. So probably my request should have been. “Can you add Australia as a sub-category to the category Countries”


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