V3 Console Basic Questions

I’m new to this so forgive the obvious. And I’ve read as much as I can find, so here goes…

I setup a RAK here in North America and successfully registered a Gateway, an application, and a device using a RAK7249 and basic station protocol. But as this is all in V2 I thought I delete everything and try again in V3.
I don’t need to migrate! I am willing to start over to correct my initial mistakes.

So should I delete my old account and start in V3? I cannot seem to figure how to start in V3? Where in the console / login?

  1. Search better, or read longer, all your questions
    are written on the forum. (Sorry for that).

  2. Don’t delete anything. You can switch very easy your GW to V3 or to V2. It’s not a problem.

  3. The problem is that if switch to V3, you don’t help at all the people that are still at V2. So, just keep your GW at V2 BUT if you have nodes, use them at V3.

  4. V3 link https://console.cloud.thethings.network/

I didn’t knew about the new areas.

Happy uplinking.