V3 console can find button to edit or delete device

I know that might sound a silly question, but during the migration from V2 I recreate my device on V3 console. It looks like I have entered a wrong AppKey. By looking into the documentation and int the console I did not find an obvious way/button to edit device parameters or even delete the device itself.
Should I assume that for these operations the only way is through CLI? Or am I missing something.

Klick on the device (EndDevices), now you can edit! (TTS)

Under “General Setting” you can delete the device!


No need to delete the device, in the Device view click on the General Settings menu item.

You’ll need to scroll down to the Join Settings area.

That will allow you to change the AppKey.

thanks for the reply but I am still unable to get to my device parameter.
What I do is in my application, is navigate all way down to the device I want to modify. Here I can see all parameters but I have no possibility to modfiy any.
If I click in “General Settings” on the right-hand side menu, I can only modify the applcation description or delete the entire application.
Is there an other window to control the devices?
Thanks for your patience…

If you are looking at the application view you need to choose End Devices in the list on the left. Choose your device and then you will have a view that has a horizontal menu under the device description & id - it’s at the end, General Settings

Ok thanks, got it now! I was confused by the other “general setting” entry in the left-hand side menu
Thanks again