V3: How to flush downlink queue in console?

Is there a way to flush the downlink queue for a certain device in console v3?
I cannot use, for some reasons, the CLI.

My problem is: there is a downlink payload with confirmation pending in the queue for a device, which, for some reason, actually cannot send the confirmation due to a radio problem. Thus, i must remove that payload from the queue some way…

Thanks for a tip how to proceed.

I had this problem a few months back and had to use the CLI - I’m not aware of there being a solution via the console.

Why can’t you use the CLI? If it’s an issue with your network, can you use a different network - home, public or work?

Webserver for OAUTH is not starting on localhost when i use cli login.

You can do that manually, see the note box at the bottom of about the flag:


And then there is:


but more likely, if the confirmation isn’t coming back so the downlink is stuck in some limbo state - not in the queue but still in the queue - Schrödinger’s Downlink if you will:

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