V3 integration json object do not contains gateways list

The Webhook integration format does not contains the gateway list. This can impact running applications like mapper and tracking systems using triangulation.

  • Is that because of the bridge between v2 and v3 ? will it be back once the gateways will be migrated to v3?

  • According to the documentation : Data Formats | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN
    It should be here but V3 devices over V2 expose only gateway_id : “packetbroker”

That is correct, anything routed via a V2 gateway will appear as “packetbroker” - there are various discussions else where on this topic as yes, it does rather break the TTN Mapper.

As I understand it, it’s not a trivial change so the engineering impact needs to be figured out.

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Ok, good to know.
Thank you for the details