V3 map available like in V2 thethingsnetwork.org/map?

in V2 there is the map available via thethingsnetwork.org/map
In this map the gateways migrated to V3 will disappear when deleted in V2.

Is there a similar map for V3 where the migrated gateways show up?


Obviously the map and the various derivatives on e.g. community pages, etc., are key to how TTN develops and grows and how local communities organise themselves and arrange appropriate coverage/planning new deployents and so the map will evolve just as the back end is evolving.

There is discussion underway on how the map can also be used to identify which GW’s are V3 and which remain V2, perhaps through colour coding or similar - in much the same way that current, active gateways are shown in one colour (blue), then change to another (red) where recently seen but currently inactive or identified as ‘offline’, before aging off the map when not seen for extended periond (currently 30 days IIRC) - though with known issues in V2 console this is usually a console issue vs actual gw offline problem!

One complication is the move with V3 away from a centralised NOC/Console system to a more distributed ‘cluster’ model (currently Eu1, Au1 & Nam1 live, with others pending) - it may be that the team will have to show seperate cluster based maps…but we (TTN users & Moderators alike), hope there can still be some kind of global and regional overview, as well as local community views, as this is very useful for helping new users with potential coverage & connection problems

Perhaps @Johan or @laurens can update with latest thinking and status?


The map is going to be driven by Packet Broker, but it will still be displayed on thethingsnetwork.org.

It will show both V2 and V3 gateways, as well as gateways connected to private networks that are open to peering with the community or other private networks.


Great, as expected/hoped for - any (rough) indication of timeline? We are assuming the ~18k GWs shown on map right now are all V2 (have seen some wild fluctuations again in last 7-10 days) - no v3’s included yet?

I think no v3 GW’s shows on the map.

I have one TTS GW on eu1, made public display configuration options. Application works fine on MQTT, uplinks are ok.
Still, the GW does not show on the map.

It does say that “the maps is going to be” - so it’s not doing it yet.

Thank you for the answer and the information. Then I wait when it is so far and my migrated gateway appears again on the map. :slight_smile:

Indeed V3 gateways aren’t shown there yet. Timeframe is a couple of weeks still.

Is there any update regarding this?

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