V3 (TTS(CE)) Gateways on TTN Mapper

Just back from one of my regular RF mapping & TTN coverage runs and noticed that TTN Mapper now appears to show V3 registered GW’s alongside the older V2 devices. - Nice one JP :slight_smile: @jpmeijers

As you can see from image below V3 GW’s are currently identified as blue circle with a “3” in the middle:


I know there are many other V3 GW’s deployed in the UK so had a quick look around UK Map to try and see others. Apart from 1 up near Edinburgh I cant see others on the UK map, and noticed only a small handful in e.g. The Netherlands and Germany, poss from recent TTN Mapper runs, so I suspect the Map updates and declares V3 GW only after being ‘heard’ by TTN Mapper (is that a fair assumption JP?). If so come on folks lets take advantage of any good weather and get out doing more mapping, playing hunt the GW, to highlight the V3’s :slight_smile: :+1:

The upside to this is the TTN official maps do not yet show V3 GW’s so if you want to try and identify and highlight any public V3’s in your community the TTN Mapper may be a good way to do it :wink:

All we need now is TTN to start showing our V3’s also (@laurens, @johan )

There are 3 close to me (2 mine) including one that I think was originally a Laird V2 gw that ‘disappeared’ from the Bourne End & Cookham community map several months back… turns out it was hiding on V3 all the time :tada:


I can confirm that a TTN V3 gateway is shown on the map of TTNmapper after mapping it with a V3-node. I connected one of my TTGO T-Beams with TTS CE, installed the webhook for TTNmapper and a few seconds later my TTS CE gateway was shown on the map.

Indeed Wolfgang and a carefully timed screen grab of a heatmap page refresh before the V2 GW’s and datapoint overlays get added to the map (looks like V3’s plot first) shows the detected/represented V3’s are proliferating nicely across Europe (haven’t checked ROW yet as too late!) :slight_smile:

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The v3 numbers are increasing all the time :smiley: Can use…
…to see the current list of gateways on the map.