V3 using AS923 problem

Playing around with TTI V3. I am trying to get AS923 to work. Setup everything on au1.cloud.thethings.network
RAK7258 Gateway is setup to AS_923_925 and detected in the V3 console.
Application is setup
2 devices setup, with correct EUI’s and Keys. Devices are RAK811 with default RAK firmware and WisBlock RAK4631 with LoRaWAN-OTAA example code. Both devices tested with Region US915 on V3 console, Chirpstack on RPi4 and RAK7258 internal network server.

First problem I stumpled over

I set the devices to the same frequence range as the gateway. But I had to manually add the AS923 frequencies when creating the devices. If I fail to do so, the Join request/Join accept fails with “Uplink channel not found” on TTI V3.

Second problem

But Uplink of data to the devices is not working. Both nodes are set as Class A devices. I get a bunch of errors

  • mac_state => EndDeviceValidationError => embedded message failed validation
  • current_parameters => MACStateValidationError => embedded message failed validation
  • channels[8] => MACParametersValidationError => embedded message failed validation
  • uplink_frequency => MACParameters_ChannelValidationError => value must be greater than or equal to 100000

No idea what is going wrong. I tried with US915 and it works. No need to manually add frequencies, just select regions correct and join procedure works and uplink works.

Using RAK7258 integrated network server with AS923 works out of the box in both directions without problems.

Any idea?

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