Victron VE.Direct connection problems

Hi All,
I have the Victron VE.Direct EU version and have som issues on getting it to connect.
I just flashes red/blue and never goes green to indicate its on the network.

For the beast to connect i have the Mikrotik Knot (MikroTik KNOT | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN)

I have created an TTN account and can see in the GW in the TTN is chatting away.

Any hints on what to do?- it looks like the other devices i see in the console is “other devices” .

My Victron is placted within a meter from my Mikrotik so its not a range thing.

Yes most probably a range thing - LoRAWAN (Long Range Radio Access WAN), you need to be +10m and a brick wall between the node and the gateway - you are looking for a RSSI -55 or lower. Please search and read first on problems on connecting. (Have you searched and read anything on the forum?)

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I did have them seperareted with 2 complete walls and about 20 meters without that changing anyrhing.
I did do a search amd can spme in the past had issues with the victron , but no ailver bullet in the solution.

I am suspecting it to be a aetup thing, but from what i can aee there is’nt much to adjust on terms of the config once it is actually reporting to the right ttn servers and i am on the feq for the eu.

Soe reaching out to the forum is more of a dead end because i am fearing a c9mpability issue on some way. But i found a post with some pne else getting this to work (but not sharinf any config any kind).