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You don’t have to use the Freeboard service, you can host it yourself (it’s open source). I had it running locally on the gateway (RPi + iC880A) with croft (not working with staging right now, will fix later). It might even work without a server (from a file:/// URL).


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Store and visualize data using InfluxDB and Grafana

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It also seems that they are developing some TTN integration:

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Smart energy

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@BoRRoZ : adafruit integration note… I think it is only possible if you program some code in between that makes use of MQTT or some rest api ETL process…
Because I tried for a little while today and the HTTP (post) of TTN seems not compatible with the API v2 of Adafruit IO post field layout!/Data/createData

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LogFuze’s Horavue is a cloud based IoT visualization software that allows you to store, view and analyze your IoT data, thus paving way for creating innovative solutions and provide analytics.



Horavue uploads the data to the cloud to get stored in the streams which can be instantly viewed and shared with anyone without loss. The information is visualized in such a way that the user is able to reason their data in their own customized way.


With the use of our tools one can easily decipher the patterns and relationships in the data via statistical graphs, plots and infographics. Numerical data may also be encoded to visually communicate a quantitative message.


Analytics can be provided by customizing the platform according to the user needs which ultimately asks for reactions from the user. Thus, providing an authority over the data to get maximum benefits and outputs out of analytics.





see labstory




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Can you subscribe directly on the TTN Mqtt topics with the beebotte?