Want to move my TTN Gateway to V3

The documentation is sometimes contradicting between documents.
But I got it to work using the device id without @ttn and using account server https://eu1.cloud.thethings.network
It took several tries but it’s possible that I had an enter at the end of the generated api key when copy-pasting.
So, make sure you copy the exact api key (with no enter/cariage return at the end).

@thingsaregreat , I can see that you are using The Things Stack Cloud from the screenshot. The account server URL is going to be the same as the URL you access the console at, <tenant>.<region>.cloud.thethings.industries

Here is the URL for our TTI tenant, your tenant name will be different and your region should be the same.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-30 um 12.34.45

All server addresses are listed here → Server Addresses | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

Or more simply put:

It’s on the overview layout that you blanked out in your screen shot.

Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 10.40.55

Everyone who’s had issues with getting going has eventually posted “so I removed the @ttn” at the end and it worked!

Hi all, I struggled also a little bit to migrate my Kickstarter-GW from v2 to v3, think one of the issue was that the API-Key displayed was not the same as copied when generated
e.g. copied NNSXS.JEP7xxxxxx , displayed in the console JEP7xxxxxx

summarized my steps:
1.) Add Gateway, mandatory is Gateway ID (no Gateway EUI needed)
2.) Add API-Key: copied API-key when generated (and saved somewhere)
3.) Reset-Gateway with pink button inside
4.) WiFi connection to GW SSID e.g. “Things-Gateway-xy”
5.) Password “thethings” / (IP-address of GW is normally
6.) check Firmware of GW (my was v.1.0.8)
7.) GW-console
8.) set GW-ID from add GW (without @ttn e.g 8916jonenv3)
9.) set WiFi-connection
10.) for EU: https://eu1.cloud.thethings.network
11.) set API-Key from adding the GW e.g. NNSXS.JEP7xxxxxx
12.) Save - GW will reboot

Thank you for sharing you procedure.
It is important to note that the API KEY is different from the API ID.

API Key: NNSXS.JEP7xxxxxx
API ID: JEP7xxxxxx

I got “LGMD:Rejected packet (0x11)” messages before configuration the correct API Key.

Thanks to everyone on this thread.
I purchased a Kickstarter TTN Gateway from Farnell in the UK (selling for £34 including shipping).
Couldn’t get it to work until I found your advice.


Your timing must have been exceptional - it seems they had a web pricing issue (for about a week); I suspect triggered when they updated system to show not being manufactured anymore and stock would not be replaced once sold!

Anyone looking to replicate your deal will be dissapointed as now back to £266+Vat (20% in UK), though at that level free shipping :wink: They did apparantly ‘sell out’ at one point last week but I guess once people heard price was being corrected back before shipment they cancelled and stock levels look to rebound this week to 12 then 14 and today looks like 23 left. Note also: all Things Uno’s and Things Nodes are now long gone…

Wow! Just looked at the Farnell website and you are right. Never been that lucky before. I should have bought two!.

Should have bought all of them and sold them as Helium Miners on eBay …

Would be data only not mining…and a struggle to get onto H?..still mugs are born every day so you could sell to those in a hurry who dont check (caveat emptor) and shut up shop before repercussions arise! :wink:

Was thinking 5-10 but too slow! :frowning:

Those units run the TTN specific gateway protocol so there is no way to use them with Helium. Not even for data only gateways.

It was a joke mostly at the expense of the HNT seeking crowd.

Yep we got it…


I know you did, I was clarifying for Jac …

I got it as well, however there might be people that really want to try and I want to save them the frustration.