Want to move my TTN Gateway to V3

but do not find the Gateway EUI. How can I find (or read back) this EUI?

You can get it from the legacy console : https://v2console.thethingsnetwork.org/gateways

An EUI is not required in V3 if your gateway doesn’t have one.

The Things Kickstarter Gateway doesn’t have an EUI, so you can just leave the field empty.

The EUI of The Things Indoor Gateway can be derived from the code on the sticker on the back of the gateway, but you may want to wait with registering TTIGs on V3 (see Connecting TTIG to TTN V3 - (NOT YET) - #58 by ohlhues).

I’m also struggling with the migration of The Things Kikstarter Gateway.

I can see the GW on the legacy V2 console, so the connection looks okay.

After reading many articles, blog entries and web pages and watching this video I got the impression that the migration will be really simple, just “redirecting” the traffic to the V3 stack by replacing the address of the cluster.
However, I’m not quite sure how to do that as the device configuration page doesn’t have a “cluster server address” input filed (only an account server URL field).

Should I use the CLI tool (ttn-lw-migrate)? If so, is there a guide availbale somewhere?

Can someone point me to the right direction?

Thanks in advance.Screenshot 2021-06-04 at 21.54.15

For the Kickstarter gateway, use The Things Kickstarter Gateway | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

Many thanks for the fast reply @kersing.

I’ve tried that several times before, but I’ll give it one more go as the GW just updated itself.

Speaking of which, how can one check the firmware version? Maybe it’s not on 1.0.8 yet as outlined in the prerequisites section.

Which server did you specify as the account server on your attempts?

There is a way to get the firmware version of a gateway from the V2 NOC. Check Show firmware version of TTN Gateway

I’ve tried eu1.cloud.thethings.network with and without the https:// prefix.

But maybe the gateway ID sould be defined as <gatewayId>@ttn? I haven’t tried with a tenant ID so far, so I’ll give this a go.

Thanks for the link!

It looks like it’s finally connected to the V3 stack.

I’m unsure which change cured the issue (still unable to figure out the current firmware version, @kersing’s link seems dead), but I’ll share the Gateway Settings I’ve used for future referece:

Gateway ID: <gatewayId>@ttn
Account Server: https://eu1.cloud.thethings.network/
Gateway Key: <apiKey>

Hopefully this will help if someone’s trying to follow The Things Kickstarter Gateway | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN.

Maybe the documention should have a sub-section detailng the registration procedure if one’s to use TTS CE.


Problem is V2 noc now down & out :frowning: Old way from linked thread no longer an option…

I think there may still be a way via “account.things…” I recall seeing at some point that will access data in more limited fashion - hopefully with firmware version…will post back if I find it (need myself for migrating my own TGW!)


Found what I was thnking of

https://account.thethingsnetwork.org/api/v2/gateways/{Gateway-ID} but sadly this doesn’t pull in traffic history (uplinks/downlinks totals) or firmware version in the way full NOC view did :slight_smile: So back to drawing board…

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I think you can find EUI on the label of your gateway. sometimes it is mac number, add FFFE in the middle of mac number.