Wavetrend Water Temperature Integration with TTS

I am new to this, and I am using the wavetrend water temperature sensor (Water Temperature Sensor - Alliot Technologies) with TTS.

I have connected the device with TTS, now to set its time interval. Is there anyone who could assist, I am having trouble how could I do it.

Whilst in service the device generally originates messages and the application server does not need to provide a response, however at activation there is a message exchange between
device and application server that is designed to provide the device it’s configuration. This
process needs to succeed for the device to be successfully installed.
An overview of the process is as follows:

  1. On activation the Device sends an Installation Request message (type HEX ‘00’) to the
    Application server.
  2. The Application Server must respond by scheduling a Device Configuration message
    (type HEX ‘01’) using the Network Server downlink mechanism. The Device
    Configuration message will contain the specific configuration for the device together
    with the ‘nonce’ value provided in the Installation Request message.
  3. The Device will respond to the Application Server with an Installation Response
    message (type HEX ‘02’). The Application Server should inspect the ‘error’ field of this
    message to determine success of the installation process.

But I am not sure, where to configure it in TTS.


$raw = sprintf("%s%s%s%08x%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s", “01”, “02”, $sequence, time(),$nonce, $downlink_days, $flags, $scald_threshold, $freeze_threshold, $report_period, $sensor_1_config, $sensor_1_config, $sensor_1_config)
$data = base64_encode(hex2bon($raw));

$url =sprint(“https://thethings.example.com/api/v3/as/applications/app1/webhooks/wh1/devices/dev1/down/push”,$device_id)

$defults = array(CURLOPT_URL => $url, CURLOPT_POST => true, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS => $json);
$ch = curl_init();
curl_setopt($ch, $defualts);
$request_headers = array (“Authorization: Bearer NNSXS.XXXXXXXXX”,“Content-Type: application/json”);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, $request_headers);

Kind regards,

Please can you repost the code as actual text - if it’s selectable, screen shots are always second best.

This will increase the likelihood of anyone over 40 being able to read it and someone who knows PHP integrations to be able to answer.

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Which documentation?

LoRaWAN Water Temperature Monitor Integration Guide v1-3 (1).pdf (768.5 KB)

This document provided by wavetrend, I found this code from the page 16.

As for the URL in your deleted messages, perhaps you could figure the URL based on the URL you use - it’s literally that obvious.

But there is also a page that calculates the URL for you based on your region in the getting started section of the docs.

Pictures, meh, that sucks, I thought it was your code. But always 9,999% better to post a link to a PDF so we can zoom it ourselves.

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I followed the instructions, and seeing the pending status for my webhook URL. I am assuming that I should get the similar URL as I get for storage integration.


Ignore the pending (per Forum search!) this facility is still ‘pending’ ('scuse the pun) and has no meaning yet…acid test is if data arrives through your webhook to end destination…ALL webhooks currently show as pending :wink:

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Which instructions? Because they resulted in a misconfigured webhook that is useless.

Please stop making me prompt you for enough information to make an informed response.

Thanks. Yes I am able to see data.