Weather-proofing the things gateway


I’m hoping to place my TTN gateway outdoors for maximum coverage.

Unfortunately I can’t drill a hole for the antenna cable and keep the gateway indoors, so now I’m looking for solutions like putting it in a weather sealed box and adding a pigtail/antenna connector externally as well as for power.

Temperature will probably vary between -20 and +30 C. Any thoughts on keeping humidity/condensation in check?

Hoping to see photos of setups if you’re running yours outdoors, and comments on what to do/not do to keep it healthy. :slight_smile:

(Remko) #2

I have the same question asked myself. Although I have not received my TTN Gateway (waiting for more than 40 days since it was sent by TTN) I consider this housing:

I have not verified dimensions yet but it scores high as an option.




I used these PG9 connectors and this gateway is outdoor now for almost 2 years without any problem.
Perhaps this is a solution for you?

(Jac Kersing) #4

I have a spare one of those around and the TTN gateway, can check dimensions tonight if you are interested…

(Remko) #5

Looking forward to the dimensions of gateway and housing

(Leondegeling) #6

I am doing the same thing , hoping to move the gateway up about 5 meters on an existing pole. I have ordered and figured to try power over ethernet, so the only cable going up would be an ethernetcable. For this is ordered . When these items are delivered i’ll build it in and post a picture here.

(Ad0rs) #7

@Leondegeling what are you going to do about the antenna?
from what I see, there’s no holes for the antenna?

Currently, I am looking for an outdoor gateway myself(cellular is a must)
Unfortunately, the only available outdoor(LoRa+cellular) gateways are those of Kerlink and Multitech
Later on, I am going to make an outdoor gateway like this one
Interesting post


Outdoor + cellular also exists in ELG from Elsys

(Bsiege) #9

One recommendation for “Outdoor Ethernet” rj45connector2

(Jac Kersing) #10

Internal dimensions: 21,5x21,5x6,1cm.

As you can see the gateway fits comfortably inside, with plenty room to spare if you take off the cover.


(Leondegeling) #11

I figured drilling a hole and using a waterproof connector would do the trick, like

(Grahame Horner) #12

I’m looking to do something similar, any ideas with regards to heat distribution?

(Dellekom) #15

I think the gateway is great as far as the initial installation is concerned.

We all hope that most of the gateways will be installed on top of a roof, right?

So then we all will be a little disappointed that in order to do that, mostly all of us will have to

  • Throw most of the nice-looking housing away.
  • Buy a UV secure IP65 housing (bright color)
  • Mount the gateway inside while not using screws that penetrate the housing
  • Creating holes with IP65 protection for at least the LAN cable.
  • Buy or make and mount a PoE splitter inside
  • Buy the right power connector
  • Buy and mount a switched power supply module so the current can step down the about 48 Volt to the about 12 volt that are needed without creating too much heat and losses in the housing
  • Hope that the harmonics of the stepper inverter might not disturb the radio frequencies too much
  • if the thing will sit in the sun, I guess we need at least (metal) plates mounted as a shadowing blind just on top of the housing from where the sun comes - peferrably not mounted with screws that penetrate the housing
  • Have a ground connection terminal
  • Use a surge protection for the LAN cable where it enters the building.

So, my question is:Is there a IP65 version with PoE in the making?

I do neither need Wifi not Bluetooth capabilities.

(Remko) #16

I am preparing a how-to that wel be on line in a couple of days.


I was planning on only mounting the antenna outdoors and on the roof…

(Dellekom) #18

Each meter of antenna cable should cost performance but in principle you can do that.

Also it is first hand a good idea to have those sucktion caps for attaching the gateway to a window, only that windows have heat-reflecting surfaces (siver oxide) that also reflects part of the transmission power…

(Remko) #19

When using cable purchase good quality like ecoflex 10 and high gain antenna.
We have two gateways with 8 and 15 meter coax that work great.

(Remko) #20

I just created a how-to for weather proofing the TTN gateway:


Thanks Remko!

I’ve ordered the parts and will get to it. Only thing I’m thinking about is that the PoE injector will have to be outdoors… Any thoughts on weatherproofing it?


Nicely done. Thanks.

One question… you write:
“This combination can be replaced by any other pig-tail that directly goes from N-Female-Bulk to SMA-Male.”

I can get a bit confused between SMA and RP-SMA, and particularly male and female of the latter… vendors seem to fairly often differ in how they refer to the gender of latter.

But my sense is that this is the most common correct usage:

It’s the RP-SMA female there that looks like the antenna connector on my TTN gateway.

So, I was about to order an RP-SMA Male to N Type Male cable like this:

Though this seems to be essentially the same although, perhaps incorrectly, calling one connector an RP-SMA female.

Can folks here confirm that the TTN gateway has an RP-SMA connector and either of those items at Amazon look like a correct cable to connect directly from the TTN gateway to an antenna with an N-female connector?