Weather-proofing the things gateway

(Tony Smith) #44

No need for wood. just take a metal pole and install in the clamps you currently have the antenna mounted. It should be long enough for the top to be just above the handrail. i’m guessing antenna length but the pole would probably be 0.75 - 1 m long. To the top of the pipe, clamp the antenna. Only issue, you will need a slightly longer antenna cable.

Remember the golden rule, antenna height is far more important than an extra dB or two of antenna gain. You need to get above all the obstacles and get a clear line of sight in all directions.

Nice photos by the way. Which city is the gateway located?


Oops, sorry, missed your question…

It’s in Stockholm, opposite the central station. At around 1.6 million packets received since I put it up :slight_smile:

Moving it tomorrow, will try to find some suitable material to raise the antenna or a new placement. Have now got vulcanising tape :white_check_mark:

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Great that you shared the design. Can you tell me what type of coax cable you’ve used and where I can order it. It seems to be a coax cable right from the microchip module to the N female bulkhead.


This one

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@mellbratt, thanks for sharing !