Webhook integration issue in V3

I have successfully migrated from v2 to v3 but the only thing that I can’t get to work is the webhook integration. It seems pretty straightforward but is there anything that I could have missed?

I just copied the previous url of my webhook that was working in v2 in the v3 integration.


It’s hard to diagnose without any further information. Can you provide some more information as to what exactly you are trying to set up and with which configuration (screenshots, logs, etc).

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Yes sorry about that.

My device is sending data to v3 (I can see it in live data). I also successfully copied the payload formatter.

I have a webhook integration that sends data to Losant but it now never gets triggered.



Setup looks unsuspicious. Can you try using a different webhook endpoint to test whether they arrive properly. You can use a free service like https://webhook.site

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Ok it works with the free service you gave me but not with losant apparently.

That is weird. It was working fine with v2.


Nevermind, the json data sent from v3 via the webhook is different than the data sent from v2 so i couldn’t see it.


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