Webhook integration - Missing headers for some devices?

Hi there,

We’ve implemented the Webhook integration a while back (Cloud Studio), and interestingly, we’re missing three headers from the uplink messages for one particular device, which is a very common Browan AQI sensor.

For all devices but this one we’re getting all 4 headers just fine (i.e. x-downlink-apikey, x-downlink-push, x-downlink-replace, and x-tts-domain), but for this sensor, we’re only getting one: x-tts-domain.

What could be going on here? I’ve checked the documentation and there’s no mention of situations in which these headers are omitted, and also I haven’t seen any similar reports.

Thanks in advance! All the best,

Hi everyone! Just checking if my question maybe wasn’t clear enough? Maybe anybody could shed some light on this issue? Thank you!

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