Webhook pending status - don't worry

Under webhooks on the console one can currently see a status column next to each configured webhook. Even though my webhooks are working, these statuses remain on “pending”.
Screenshot from 2022-01-01 15-48-44

Going into a webhook one gets to see this warning:

This is a little concerning, but a simple question to the core team resulted in this explanation:

It’s due to an upcoming feature that will run health checks on the webhooks
But since we didn’t want to ruin anyones holidays it is currently disabled

So for now, do not worry about this “pending” status next to the webhooks.


Is this still currently disabled? Or should I now worry about a pending state?

Not yet implemented - ignore it for now - key if is data arrives at destination :wink:

Ok, good to know.

Should the a successful or erroneous Webhook push be listed on the “Live data” tab, like a faulty payload decoder?

You will see an entry on the console if your webhook doesn’t return some sort of positive response or times out.

You will not see a successful webhook entry on the console.

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