Weird message delay on April the 5th (AS923 - Melbourne, Australia)

Hi all,
I hope I’m posting in the correct category. I’ve never post before because I’ve always find my answers in previous post, thanks to you guys! But not this time…

In short, I’ve experienced that messages have been delayed on the 5th of April for most of the day and then after a fast release of messages at the end of the day, the situation was back to normal. Some message have been delayed for several hours!

I have setup few nodes on AS923 in Melbourne and the behaviour has been the same for all nodes (connected to the same public gateway). I have also some other nodes on Sigfox and GSM and didn’t observed this behaviour, so that’s how I suspect the problem is related to the TTN.

All my nodes send the data to different google spreadsheets (using TTN HTTP integration) with the POST method. On each of these spreadsheet, I’ve observed that the duration between messages increases from 5th April 11:30pm (Brisbane time) until 5th April 10:50pm (Brisbane time) and then decrease until 6th April 01:00am (Brisbane time). I show you below some examples of timestamps from google (when the data arrived in the spreadsheet) and the time when the TTN server received the message (metadata.time):

Google time (Brisbane) ==> metadata.time (server)
04/04/2020 23:25:44 ==> 2020-04-04T13:25:43.251342788Z (everything normal, 1s difference)
04/04/2020 23:55:18 ==> 2020-04-04T13:50:43.347270735Z (should be 13:55, 5mn difference)
05/04/2020 02:05:30 ==> 2020-04-04T15:40:43.757474311Z (should be 16:05, 25mn difference)
05/04/2020 09:15:42 ==> 2020-04-04T21:30:45.109926388Z (should be 23:15, 1h45mn difference!)
05/04/2020 11:25:22 ==> 2020-04-04T23:20:45.431782599Z (should be 01:25, 2h05mn difference!)
05/04/2020 16:05:21 ==> 2020-04-05T03:20:46.308338355Z (should be 06:05, 2h45mn difference!)
05/04/2020 17:55:03 ==> 2020-04-05T05:20:46.633251821Z (should be 07:55, 2h35mn difference!)
05/04/2020 20:05:34 ==> 2020-04-05T07:30:47.083937831Z (should be 10:05, 2h30mn difference!)
05/04/2020 23:05:51 ==> 2020-04-05T10:05:47.595001852Z (should be 13:05, 3h00mn difference!)
06/04/2020 00:15:21 ==> 2020-04-05T12:45:48.332720161Z (should be 14:15, 1h30mn difference!)
06/04/2020 00:30:51 ==> 2020-04-05T13:35:48.308298577Z (should be 14:30, 0h55mn difference!)
06/04/2020 01:00:50 ==> 2020-04-05T15:00:48.589081442Z (should be 15:00, 2s difference)

That’s the only day I’ve observed such behaviour (as far as I know) and I’m wondering if it has something to do with the daylight saving time. I must precise that the time I use is Brisbane time so it is not supposed to be affected by the time change.

I’m hoping you could help me understand what happened and how to prevent it.

That might well have been an issue with the http integration which you can not prevent. The community network has no service level agreement and does not guarantee timely delivery of messages (it does not guarantee delivery at all).

If your solution requires timely delivery you could check the TheThingsIndustries offerings.