What are you goals for learning LoRaWAN?

Why are you here, what do you want to do with your new found knowledge, what will you build first?

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Without getting into details (that we can’t share publicly), we are building IoT devices that protect people from harm, make the world a better and safer place, and reduce wasted energy. Thanks to the community here for supporting us in this effort!

Are you on the Summer Academy?

I ended up here for a side project from one of my employers.

We started discovering some options using LoRaWAN which actually seemed very feasonable.
With some help from people here, and ofcourse you @descartes. We are now in the phasing of testing our project in the real-world in a controlled environment.

I’d still like to learn more about setting up a stable network. We’re now experimenting with multiple gateways and network testers but sometimes the results are unexpectedly good or vice versa.
Receiving the signal at one of our gateways is never an issue but getting the signal back (for a possible downlink) is a bit less predictable for me.

It‘s a good question, indeed!
Learning LoRaWAN means to me, to learn more about RF techniques, microcontrollers and combining that with other topics, like learning more about programming APIs in Python, constructing enclosures in 3D and printing them, learning more about sensors and the physics behind them.
I can use radio techniques - I’m a radio amateur - I can build up electronic circuits, do programming, 3D printing. It’s a so huge range of fascinating things to do and to learn in combination with LoRaWAN.
Well, it just makes fun. :wink: